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A taste of America at Coffee Parisien novembre 8, 2008

Bagel, cream cheese and lox I like this place very much.

I know I know, it is crowded, busy, and the staff is not polite (like always in Paris: you work in a trendy restaurant? You can do anything, see here). When you walk in, be prepared to wait for about 30 minutes (sometimes). The trick is to go tell the waitress how many people for your table, your name, and make sure she does not forget you. This way you can have a table in 5 minutes. Then either you are lucky and your table’s waiter/tress is nice, or he/she is a pretty haughty Parisian bitch, looking down on you. Either way don’t pay too much attention, you’ll be too busy looking at the tasty menu, the table set with every American President (hello Obama!), and observing the loud crowd. It is supposed to be an American diner, and yet everyone is French.

Still. The food is good. I have not been disappointed so far. And it’s fast! Eggs Florentine, Bagel cream cheese and lox (my favorites so far) were prepared in like 5 minutes. I wondered if it was not straight from the fridge… Every dish is fresh and has plenty of food, it is worth your money. I recommend the eggs (Benedict, Florentine, scrambled, what have you) and the desserts.

All my photos here. David Lebovitz’ article on Coffee Parisien here.

Coffee Parisien: 4, rue Princesse, Paris 6ème. Métro Mabillon. Tel: 01 43 54 18 18. Brunch on week ends. Bagel cream cheese and lox 14 euros, eggs Florentine 12 euros, scrambled eggs 10 euros, blueberry pancakes 8.50 euros, cheesecake 8 euros, hot chocolate 3.50 euros, milkshake 7 euros.


4 Responses to “A taste of America at Coffee Parisien”

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  2. yesilkart Says:

    Y a-t-il des informations sur ce sujet dans d’autres langues ?

  3. Jack Says:

    My wife and I have gone to this place several times, and the quality seems to get worse each time. We were there with Friends, and ordered shakes – what we got was hard to call a milk shake. For 7 euros, we got a watery, barely flavored milk like substance. Any bad restaurant in San Francisco would have something better for about 4 dollars. The ‘franco-american’ owner (according to the staff) should check on this.

    • LN Says:

      oh I am sorry to hear that! My milkshake was fine, I remember it was in September or early October. I’ll have to come taste it again once I am back from the US!

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