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15 desserts à manger sur le pouce…et dans le monde entier juin 3, 2009

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Je suis tombée sur ce très bon article publié sur le site BootsnAll: « 15 Incredible desserts you should try on the road ». Mon score est de 5 sur 15, c’est déjà pas mal! Et vous?

Eileen Smith: Whether you come by your sweet tooth naturally, suddenly find your pants slipping southward from too much road grub, or just can’t face another plate of mystery meat, desserts on the road are a great way to get to know a country’s culinary culture. Whether fussy, sticky, squishy, crunchy or altogether unexpected, a trip down to the local konditory, patisserie or sweets shop will have you smacking your lips and reaching for your toothbrush.

Here are some must-try sweets from around the world. So get out there and get tasting.


(Turkey and nearby)


Baklava is a sweet’s lover’s kind of food. It’s a buttery, flaky, honey-drenched triangle or diamond, made of layers of paper-thin phyllo dough brushed with melted butter. The filling of chopped, spiced nuts (usually walnuts, but sometimes pistachios, sesame or poppy seeds) might mean you can  convince yourself that this sugar coma on a plate is vaguely good for you. You know, because of the protein. Where to find: Turkey, Greece, Iran or your local middle-eastern grocery or sweets shop.



En 2009 votre dessert, ça donnera ça… avril 18, 2009

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Top Ten Dessert Trends on the Menu – on The Food Channel

Apparemment, et à ma plus grande joie, c’est le grand retour de la glace, des desserts à emporter, des nouveaux parfums et ingrédients exotiques, et des produits locaux (fraises de petits producteurs, etc). Un article de Food Channel à retrouver ici.